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Hi, I’d like to share with you something about my language learning history. When I was at secondary school, I looked up in admiration to anyone who could speak another language. To me, it seemed something amazing, something unachievable. This feeling was reinforced by how languages were taught at school. The theory was that you had to have a certain academic level to be able to learn them. Of course, at school, it was all about passing exams and not about something lasting or about communication.

When I moved to the Netherlands, I still felt that it would take a miracle for me to learn Dutch. But, slowly and surely, I realised that I really wanted to participate in life here and this gave me the inner motivation that I needed to learn it. It still took a while for my self-confidence to grow enough to join in. If I’d had known about neuroscience, coaching and confidence then, this would have happened quicker (Neurolanguage coaching®). But I got there!

After having been a business English trainer for more than 20 years, I was looking for something that could have a more effective impact on my clients. So, I trained to become a professional Neurolanguage Coach®. Doing this, I discovered the importance of intrinsic (or inner) motivation. Having intrinsic motivation means you can learn anything. To give you an idea of what I mean, it’s the difference between knowing that it’s good for you to go to the gym every week, but it’s a bore, then you find this amazing Zumba class that leaves you buzzing and suddenly you can’t wait for the next session. To sum, being motivated has an important and positive effect on learning.

What is Neurolanguage coaching®?

A Neurolanguage Coach®️ uses principles taken from neuroscience to make sure that your brain is properly prepped for learning. Our methods help you to learn efficiently, effectively and with pleasure, and to make hardwired and long-term connections in your brain. Using coaching, we form a partnership that ensures better performance and learning by setting, evaluating and meeting your goals.

As a professional Neurolanguage Coach®, we explore your inner motivation for improving your business English in our free initial session. Through a relaxed coaching conversation, we find that fire within that will drive your motivation through the roof. We use this feeling to boost your learning so that it’s really effective. We understand that motivation releases the ‘right’ chemicals into your brain, such as dopamine, and this enhances your learning. This is one of the reasons I am so passionate about using the Neurolanguage coaching® approach with my business clients.

So, let’s find your motivation together! Make an appointment for a free initial session where we can explore working together to improve your English.

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