About Me

Hi, glad you clicked on. So, my name’s Tara Gooding and I’m an experienced business English language trainer and a Professional Neurolanguage Coach®. I have been running my language business for more than 10 years.

I have been teaching business English for more than 20 years in South Korea, Hong Kong, France, Italy, Germany and the Netherlands.

I now mostly work with business professionals in the Netherlands, and online with the world community, to help them achieve their language learning goals.

I use the Neurolanguage coaching® method to put you in control of your learning by:

  • Supporting your goal setting
  • Finding your motivation
  • Keeping your commitment
  • Reviewing your language learning goals

These ingredients bring your language learning to new heights! In other words, this science-based coaching approach optimises your language learning so that you are more confident and competent using English at work. Having experienced the benefits of this unique brain-based language coaching approach, I am excited to bring it to you.

And I hope you are too. Together, we can boost your language skills by designing a personalised programme that meets your language needs and fits your schedule (anything is possible)!

Want to know more?

Let’s discover how neurolanguage coaching® can both efficiently and effectively improve YourEnglish.