YourEnglish Neurolanguage coaching®

Neurolanguage coaching® is science-based language coaching. It uses understanding of neuroscience to keep learners in a calm state and avoid limbic reactions as well as using positive brain chemistry to facilitate learning. It explains and promotes understanding of brain processes, such as how the brain learns and functions and reacts. It follows a brain-friendly path using everything we know about the learner.

Use of quiet coaching conversations facilitates a partnership between coach and learner, giving the learner complete autonomy so they can maximise their full potential efficiently and effectively. This science-based coaching method optimises your language learning so that you are more confident and competent using YourEnglish at work.

In a nutshell, Neurolanguage coaching® is the efficient and fast transfer of language knowledge resulting in mastery of English through brain-based coaching combined with teaching and training.

YourEnglish uses the Neurolanguage coaching® method which was developed by Rachel Paling (registered US and European trademark in the name of Rachel Marie Paling).  The certification course is accredited by the International Coaching federation worldwide (ICF). As a Professional Neurolanguage coach®, I have also passed the certification and accreditation.

As a Neurolanguage coach®, I know that each brain is unique and therefore we all learn differently. I can use knowledge of learning styles to improve your learning. If you have always thought “I can’t learn” or have had a bad learning experience, as a Neurolanguage coach®, I can help you work through this  . Most importantly, I know that your brain is capable of amazing things – you can always keep learning because of your brain’s plasticity.

Efficient Language Coaching® and Neurolanguage Coaching® are registered trademarks held by Rachel Marie Paling.

The key skills of a Neurolanguage Coach® are:

Active listening

Empathy and compassion

Coaching around learning issues

Connecting the native with the new language

Learner-centred and learner-driven sessions

Using goal-driven learning to learn faster and more effectively

Identifying your intrinsic motivation to maintain commitment

Brain-friendly learning by creating optimal brain chemistry

Would you like to know more about Neurolanguage coaching®, the method and the programme layout?

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Neurolanguage coaching®

What is Neurolanguage coaching®?


It’s neuroscience

  • Diagnostics of how a learner learns
  • Understanding of how a learner thinks, functions and reacts
  • Unique, brain-friendly, individualised roadmap for each learner
  • Motivation conversation to acknowledge the intrinsic motivation for learning
  • Understanding, explaining and using how the brain learns to maximise effect

It’s coaching

  • Enabling learner empowerment
  • Goal setting, goal review, goal achievement
  • Connecting training and real life directly
  • Delivery using unique, brain-friendly coaching conversations
  • Follows the International Coaching Federation compliances for the coaching profession: goal setting; action setting; motivation; commitment; and goal review
  • Coaching and troubleshooting around the learning process, language learning blocks and emotional triggers

It’s language learning

  • Use of unique model
  • Brain-friendly grammar building
  • Brain-friendly, quiet conversations
  • You are the centre of your learning process
  • You are in command of your pace of learning
  • You are empowered to learn and meet your goal
  • We do a goal review at the end of each stage in your roadmap
The Method

Put simply, Neurolanguage Coaching® is where you and your coach use strategies for how the brain learns best so that you are always central to the learning process. You are empowered to learn by having full ownership of the learning process (total autonomy). You are in a calm state so that you have the perfect brain chemistry to facilitate learning (certainty). All these factors optimise your language learning (the outcome). 

  • You take ownership of your language learning
  • You will learn how your brain likes to learn
  • You, as the learner, are central to the whole process
  • Your coach ensures a calm, safe environment to learn
  • Your coach ensure that your brain chemistry is optimal for learning

The benefits for Your(English) language learning

  • Greater fluency
  • More natural English
  • Increased confidence
  • Improved functioning at work
  • Taking charge of your learning
  • Greater active use of language
  • Understanding language subtleties
  • Understanding intercultural differences

And many more …

The programme layout

Initial session

We have a first free session in which we complete a needs analysis, analyse your intrinsic motivation, and discuss and set your goals. Motivation is key to your learning experience; finding this gives you a strong impetus in your learning path. Your goals could simply be to work on a presentation or more in-depth such as expanding a specific area of language.

After the session, you will receive a personalised roadmap that summarises the SMART goals set during your initial meeting.

Sessions ongoing

We can meet online or in person. Together we will dig into your learning style and work towards your achieving your goals. During the programme, you will be able to mail me between sessions if needed and will work on review and consolidation tasks.

We will follow your personalised roadmap and make sure that you are confident and comfortable with all that is covered before we move to the next step by doing a goal review.

Review and feedback

Each session will start and finish with a short review of what has been covered and what is to be consolidated at home. If you have any questions, we will deal with them as well. This way of working ensures that you are comfortable and clear with what has been done before we move on.

Consolidation between sessions

It is important for your progress to review and consolidate your sessions. Consolidation can be one of a variety of activities from listening to podcasts to meeting with friends in English, to doing exercises. What is most important is that you enjoy what you do and then you English will improve.


During your course, we will review your goals and progress and, when you feel confident and ready, we will move to your next goal.


Want to know more?

Let’s discover how Neurolanguage coaching® can both efficiently and effectively improve YourEnglish.