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Learn business English efficiently and effectively with Neurolanguage Coaching®. This is brain-friendly language learning that combines the strengths of teaching and coaching to empower you to achieve your language learning goals.

Hi, my name is Tara and I am a Professional Neurolanguage Coach® certified
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Neurolanguage Coaching®

Neurolanguage coaching® is science-based language coaching.

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YourEnglish programmes are tailor-made with realistic goals.

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Do you recognise any these?

  • I want to improve, but can’t quite seem to find the time to do it on my own.
  • I want to feel more confident when speaking English so that I can jump into any conversation when and where I want.
  • I am a bit frustrated that my English isn’t better, even though I know it’s ok.
  • I am a bit worried my English is ‘Netflix’ English and not quite professional enough.
  • I’m fine at speaking English, but when it comes to writing I get worried it’s not good enough.
  • I know my English is ok, but whenever I try, it never seems to significantly improve.
  • I would just like to feel that I can express myself as well as I can in Dutch.
  • I would like to practise speaking English in a safe environment where I don’t have to worry about making mistakes and learning from them.
  • I know my English is good, but I want to learn more about how I can refine it and use more advanced words
  • My English is perfect in my head but when I actually speak… it isn’t
  • I spend hours online watching free YouTube videos but I’m not improving!

I coach white-collar business professionals who are highly skilled and qualified, who already speak some English, and feel they need to improve their English for their work. Through this coaching, you feel both more 🌟confident 🌟 and competent to work in English. I can help you develop your business English communication skills for any business situation. Using Neurolanguage Coaching®, learning becomes time and cost efficient as well as effective due to personal goal setting.

What do I do?
By understanding how the brain learns best (neuroscience), as Neurolanguage Coach®, I can make sure that:
♦ You are in the optimal mind state to facilitate learning. This means that you feel comfortable when using English.
♦ Within no time, you feel confident and are ready to tackle your work in English. 
As a neurolanguage coach®, I know that: 

♦ each brain is unique.
♦ we all learn differently
♦ we all need to feel comfortable to learn.
So, I create a calm, welcoming and professional atmosphere that allows optional learning. This atmosphere releases the right chemicals into your brain to help this. I also use knowledge of learning preferences to improve your learning. If you have always thought “I can’t learn anymore” or have a bad learning experience, I can help you work through this. Most importantly, I know that your brain is capable of amazing things – you can always learn because of your brain’s plasticity. I work with business professionals in the Netherlands (offline) and online with the world community to help them achieve their language learning goals.

How does this process work?
♦ Using an initial free meeting of an hour, we  discuss your goals, find out more about me and how I could help you, and decide if it would be beneficial to work together.
♦ You set the goals, the time-line and the tempo; we work together towards efficient and effective achievement of your goals.
♦ We can check and ensure your progress by setting realistic goals at the beginning, performing a goal review mid-programme and at the end.

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Brain-based and learner-centred
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I have learned a lot during my English lessons with Tara. Tara is very friendly, patient and has a very personal approach. When we found a specific grammar mistake in my emails she always had an grammar lesson related to this mistake. Furthermore, her lessons were very practical, she didn’t spend much time on theoretical issues. I can definitely recommend Tara!


Tara and I first agreed on a learning objective. And she always keeps this learning goal in mind during the English lessons. She leads me through the lessons very well-versed, reacts quickly to my answers and sometimes turns the corner to explain the topic to me better. It is very practice-oriented and always finds examples so that I can understand better. For support, she also uses many IT programs very professionally (Word, pictograms, Whatsapp, Zoom, and whatever else there is).

1. She only speaks English to me and I am therefore forced to explain everything in English. I can’t just switch to my mother tongue; I have to find paraphrases. 2. The technology with zoom is wonderful: We can look at a document together, work together and see each other while doing it. 3. And I think it’s very good that there is no fixed curriculum, but that Tara reacts flexibly to my questions.

I started to deal with grammar topics outside of the English lesson: I watch explanatory videos on youtube, took out my old textbooks “English” and try to prepare myself for every English lesson -> not just the one hour English in the Week, but to incorporate a little English every day …

I believe that anyone who wants to learn or deepen their English is in good hands with Tara, regardless of whether they are a beginner or a professional who wants to go a little deeper.


Assistant to Purchasing Manager, Stuttgart

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