We all know that young kids are better at picking up languages than adults. Why is that?
Well – kids learn by doing, watching, listening, and mimicking. They learn subconsciously.
As we grow up, we begin to learn rules, and we become aware that we are learning. We move into conscious learning mode.
The problem is that sometimes, our thinking (conscious) brain can get in the way of our performing (subconscious) brain. This is when we find ourselves struggling to make a sentence; we are thinking so much about what we want to say that we can’t get it out. Do you recognise that at work?
The solution is to use both ways of learning – conscious and subconscious.
As a Neurolanguage coach®, I can teach you how to do that by encouraging you to move smoothly between the two ways of learning in our sessions. What else can you do as a business English learner to help develop your language skills? I recommend listening to podcasts in English, reading newspapers, magazines and articles and surrounding yourself with English as much as possible.
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