Have you ever asked yourself why something is sooo difficult to learn?

This often has to do with that fact that we are not really motivated to learn it. There is a distinct difference between feeling that we have to improve something, being told we have to improve something compared with actually feeling deeply motivated to do something.

We all remember school, where we know that we must pass those exams. We trudge along, pushing ourselves into learning what is necessary, sometimes last minute. And, as soon as we’re done, it’s all forgotten. If we want learn or improve our foreign language, the same old tactics will not help us in the long-term.

 So, what do we need to do? Well, we need to find our intrinsic motivation for what we want to learn. For example, if it’s improving your business English, it could be:

  • That you really want the opportunity to work abroad or
  • Perhaps you want to be able to stand up in front of your whole company and present in English!

But the key point is you must feel this deep desire to learn. Finding our intrinsic motivation to learn something will make our learning more focussed and more effective. As Rachal Paling, the creator of Neurolanguage Coaching®, puts it, it’s the golden carrot on the stick!

If you want to improve your business English, as a Neurolanguage coach®, in our initial session, I would spend time with you exploring what your ‘golden carrot’ could be. We would use this during your programme to help keep us focussed on your actual motivation for improving your English.

 What’s you motivation for improving YourEnglish? Are you interested in working with me? Make an appointment for a free initial session!